PuppiChewz™ for Puppy Chewing

We created an antler dog chew just for puppies.

Puppy teething doesn't surprise most new dog owners, although just how much puppies use their teeth may. Canine babies must explore their world mostly with their mouths. It’s how they discover all about their environment and new things.

Milk Teeth and Adolescent Chewing

The first set of Puppy teeth come in at about 1 month. They are called “milk teeth”. During this time, puppies have an uncontrollable urge to chew things to relieve some of the discomfort in their gums. Chewing also facilitates the removal of puppy teeth, and the eruption of the adult set. Then sometime around 7 months of age, permanent teeth start to come in and the real chewing starts. These teeth seem to require "setting" in the jaw by hard chewing. Dogs who don't do this chewing may have poorer lifelong dental health. PuppiChewz™ promotes dental health by helping puppies set their permanent teeth with split antlers.

Our split deer antler chews are great for puppies because they just aren't up to the challenge of working to get to the middle of the antler. Our PuppiChewz™ are cut in half length wise so that the softer, marrow center is exposed and all the edges are sanded smooth.

This completely normal stage of dog development is more pronounced in some breeds than others, and in some individual dogs than others.

Nutritional Reasons For Chewing

Dogs require vitamins and minerals for healthy development, especially puppies. If a dog does not have enough calcium in his diet, for example, he may try to compensate by chewing stones or plaster. Beware of depriving your dog of a balanced diet. PuppiChewz™ can help. It supplies the daily dose of Calcium that growing dogs need.

There is nothing artificially added to PuppiChewz™. No chemicals, no toxins, no artificial flavors, because we care about what our puppies are exposed to. Our antlers come from free range deer that naturally shed them every year. Not one deer is harmed to collect our antlers. Best of all it’s a naturally renewing resource!

What can be done about adolescent chewing?

The best thing to do is to supply your dog with lots of items that are safe and tough enough to survive chewing. This means that they should not splinter or break into small or harmful pieces that can be swallowed. PuppiChewz™ are safer than other dog chews. They are made from wholesome deer antler. They don’t splinter. They last longer than most other types of dog chews.

Antler chews are different from toys. Toys and dog chews should not be confused. Toys are designed to be thrown, chased, squeaked and tugged during play. Most are not designed to be chewed.

But our PuppiChewz™ are designed for grinding, chewing, nibbling and gnawing. Antler dog chews are a great alternative to your furniture. Antlers are safe as dogs grind them down slowly over time.

Most important, you're helping your dog form habits for life. Puppies need chews of good quality that are safe for the chewing, support their nutritional health and provide help during their teething process.

You want your dog to form the chewing habit! (It’s better PuppiChewz™ than your shoes!) The dog who continues to chew on healthy dog chews through life will typically have better dental health. If you've ever had a dog with infected gums and dirty teeth that had to have a lot of dental work, you'll realize that you want a dog that chews.

That’s why we made an antler dog chew just for puppies; we care.