Nature does it best!

A couple of years ago while researching and writing articles on natural pet care for a health magazine, I realized that toxins can lurk in the most unexpected places, like dog toys and commercially made chews.

While enjoying a cup of tea at my sister's place, I was observing her dachshund Sebastian enjoying a new toy, a small orange and purple football. Sebastian was having a great time chewing on it and making it squeak. As I watched him chew the toy I thought about all the research that showed how chemicals, including dangerous ones, can leach from plastic containers into our foods. This tiny dog was chewing on plastic, swallowing saliva and countless chemicals with it. My sister said that the vet advised her against raw hide sticks or pig ears which are high in calories. She was too afraid to give her dog livestock bones for fear that they can split into dangerous shards. A bored dog with nothing to chew can start looking for trouble. I thought there just had to be something else out there, something natural.

As luck would have it, my husband owns an antler chandelier manufacturing company. I remembered one of his suppliers telling us that wolves chew antlers in a wild. As a result the the thought crossed my mind that a piece of antler may be a good dog chew. Sebastian got a piece that he played with for days. We gave out more samples with the same results; dogs loved them! The more research I did, the better the idea seemed.

Deer shed their antlers naturally so no deer ever need to be hurt or killed for their antlers. It is a natural resource, renewable and environmentally sound. Antlers are packed with important minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, manganese, selenium and zinc. As a nutritionist I know the importance of getting enough minerals. We have found antler pieces to have other added benefits as well. They are odorless and will not splinter easily like livestock bones. As the dog chews, the saliva and friction help clean his teeth.

Finally, a dog chew that is approved by dog owners, nutritional experts and dogs themselves! Antler Chewz cares about all pets and animals that is why a portion of all sales goes to animal welfare organizations across the US and Canada.